Why Cheap uPVC Windows Fail Within 10 Years

Do you remember the good solid wood windows that were common in the past? They used to last 40 years with some care and an occasional fresh coat of paint. Sadly, those days are gone and today’s cheap uPVC windows do not even last half that time. All too often, these cheap windows fail within ten years of purchase.

Shouldn’t New Windows Last?

It is common to think that newer windows should last longer. After all, the windows industry has seen many improvements in the recent past, but when it comes to lower-end products, especially cheap uPVC windows, longevity isn’t one of them.

Cheap uPVC windows - rotten after a few years.

We see a lot of homes that are not even ten years old with failing windows. Like the one in the picture above. They corrode. They change their color. And they deform. The source of these problems usually is cheap material or unprofessional installation…or both.

Sometimes these cheap uPVC windows fail to keep cool air in and disturbing sounds out in as little as three years. For someone who purchased windows with high expectations, disappointment will be real.

The Problem with Thailand’s Climate

Take a close look at your current windows. Has the frame’s color changed? Have they become more difficult to open and close? Do you feel a draft of air from the outside around the edges? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your windows may not be of the quality you expected. They may not have any kind of internal reinforcement and the thickness required in this climate.

Storm in Thailand

Quality windows, unlike some of the cheap uPVC windows on the market today, are a combination of materials. VEKA, for example, reinforces its custom-made uPVC windows with a spacious steel chamber to strengthen their structure. This creates solid windows that won’t bend out of shape under the harsh climate in Thailand.

Along with their unmatched durability, VEKA’s steel-reinforced windows offer all the maintenance-free properties of uPVC. The end product is a much sturdier, more user-friendly, better-insulated window. One that will last.

How Not to Buy a Window

Our best advice when shopping for uPVC windows it not to make a decision based on a brochure alone. Take the time to see and touch a real sample to get a feel for how that window is constructed before you buy. If it seems flimsy, made of thin uPVC, and feels generally cheap, then it will sadly not last as long as you’d expect.

But it’s not just cheap uPVC windows that cause problems for consumers. Wood windows warp and rot too, especially in Thailand’s climate. And unlike uPVC, wood requires regular repainting to avoid the paint peeling off, which exposes the wood to moisture and eventual decomposition. Without regular maintenance, wood windows will rot and fail as well.

Think Quality. Think ARC-CMR.

When you buy windows, find a solid company with solid product, like ARC-CMR. We have been a leader of quality uPVC windows and doors in Thailand for well over two decades and know what works for long-term, long-lasting, beautifully satisfying windows.

We proudly sell VEKA products because they are renowned for offering the best-quality available today. Our experts make and install each window by hand, so there’s no middleman to make tiny mistakes or cut corners, causing problems that will show up later. And there are no extra middleman charges!

VEKA Softline Details

All ARC-CMR windows and doors arrive at your home directly from the factory, where they were custom-made for your specific needs. They carry a 10-year guarantee, a real one, because we build them with durability in mind.

One of our experts will be happy to come to your home or office and give you a consultation, professional advice and an estimate. This service is 100% free, so contact us today online — or call us at 038-223-893 — to schedule your in-home estimate.



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We are one of the few authorized agents for VEKA uPVC windows and door systems in Thailand. Our full suite of support and equipment gives you absolutely everything you need to complete your construction or renovation project with joy.

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