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The quality of a product reflects the quality of an entire company. Quality assurance according to German standard covers all our company activities, from development and manufacturing to administration and logistics.

Slide, Tilt, Turn

Windows With a Purpose

We offer a wide range of window styles, including single, double, 3-panel, and folding sliding, as well as windows that tilt and turn, and windows that are side hung or top hung.

Choosing a suitable window for each situation can therefore be a daunting task. Don’t worry. Our experts are here to help you make the best choice to ensure your new windows do not only look great, but are practical and serve their purpose well. 

VEKA Window Styles

Standard Windows and Doors

Single, Double, or More Panels

Doors That Invite

Whether you are looking for an entrance door or doors leading to your garden, we’ve got you covered. 

Besides standard single and French doors, we also offer sliding doors with up to 4 panels, as well as doors that tilt and slide. And if size matters in your situation, our Pellucid sliding glass walls can be as high as 3 meters with an unlimited length.

Let our experts help you select from our wide range of door styles to ensure your new doors are inviting and perfectly match your requirements.

VEKA Door Styles

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