Why Pellucid?

Pellucid is an Australian designed thermally insulated sliding door and window system that allows maximum passage of light through minimal frame.

Bring the outdoors in with floor to ceiling glass up to 3m high, unlimited length with just a 20mm visible frame.

Glass Sliding Walls

Designed for Harsh Climates

Pellucid glazing systems have been designed in Australia for extreme conditions, not unlike to those in Thailand. All products are tested and certified in Australia to AS2047 and offer security, energy efficiency, affordability and maximum possible views making Pellucid a first class choice.

Energy efficiency is paramount in the world today. That’s why all Pellucid frames have a 100% thermal break from inside to out. Escape the heat and noise with these thermally insulated frames with insulated glass and reduce your energy bills.

Pellucid Windows in Bedroom

Glass and Rail Combinations

Pellucid Rail Combinations
Pellucid Window in Living Room

Pelllucid System Features

Double and Triple Glazed Energy Efficient Solutions

Pellucid breaks boundaries in traditional window design. The company has developed a hybrid design where the frame and the glass work as one, opening up new design possibilities like never before.

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