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The High-end uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacture in Thailand, Pattaya, Chonburi, Bangkok, Hua Hin

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We ARC Component Manufacturing Windows and Doors are Thailand's leading high-end uPVC windows and doors specialist.

We are one of the few exclusive agent in Thailand for VEKA uPVC windows and door systems and we have a full suite of support and equipment so as to give you absolutely everything you require to fulfill your construction or renovation project.

We are Thailand's biggest VEKA uPVC Windows & Doors production ARC Windows Doors Factory facility and also the largest supplier of VEKA uPVC profile systems in Thailand. All our core products and materials are imported and put together here in our new state-of-the-art factory in Banglamung Chonburi.

Many years of experience and quality, and good organization of our team, ARC Windows Doors Factory bring new successes for the company, resulting in successfully entering Thailand's high-end window and door market.

Windows and doors play a vital role in heat insulation of the house. This helps in conserving energy. Aluminium and wood windows with single glazing are poor insulators. One can save up to 50% of energy by replacing them with state-of-the art VEKA uPVC windows. uPVC windows, with high technological standards and inherent properties, offer superior insulation values. VEKA uPVC profiles have multi chambers technology. VEKA windows and doors keep air-conditioned cool air inside.

There are days when you want to spend some quality time at home or have an important meeting in office, but the noise from outside promises to ruin your plans. If "Noise" is the main reason you are looking to purchase windows, Casement products by windows is the best possible solution. Within, casement range of products, Tilt and Turn Window tilt and turn is what we would recommend for the best results. VEKA windows made of uPVC profiles have innately good sound isolation properties. They are more effective against noise insulation especially in case due to use of special glass.

All our Veka products come with a 10 year operational & workmanship guarantee!

Quality has a name

that's why we use the VEKA Profile System

Since its introduction to the marketplace almost 50 years ago, uPVC is now the technology of choice for energy efficient buildings.

ARC uses the world's leading brand in uPVC Window and Door profile systems from Germany,PVC Window Corner 'VEKA'. Being a manufacturer in Thailand, we understand the intricacies of the local conditions and requirements of the local markets, so as to be able to give you the right products, advice and support.

Our profile systems utilize uPVC that is designed to have a long life, and is therefore equipped with the ability to withstand whatever the environment has to throw at it, ARC Factory Office whether in a rural area exposed to intense weather, or in urban areas that are heavily polluted. The systems are used in a huge variety of projects large and small, from domestic through to prominent public building works.

ARC Windows Doors Factory Office The construction is the product of detailed design work, and pays attention to drainage, stability, reinforcement and of course insulation against heat and sound. ARC's company Matrix range of systems represent the high standard that has been achieved at VEKA, and have been arrived at following a lengthy process of development, design and testing, all of which is visible when you see the quality and attractiveness of our systems.
This commitment to continued development has recently become again visible in the company's attention to environmental concerns.

Anyone who has ever seriously considered installing uPVC windows or doors in their home can tell you; energy savings is the number one unique selling proposition (the USP of uPVC!). Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) windows and doors provide heat insulation at 2.2 times that of aluminum. It seems not economic that customers would pay for aluminum or wood when uPVC actually looks better than aluminum and is more than twice as effective at keeping heat out and cool air in.

If you would asked an installer of uPVC windows and doors why they are so much better at climate control he had three reasons. First said that is because uPVC doesn't heat up like aluminum frames, it only makes sense; plastic vs metal. Secondly, because uPVC is much easier to "weld" together, the seals and corners always fit snug, whereas aluminum is always at the mercy of the installer's skill.

Finally, uPVC doesn't succumb to the elements, corroding or warping to break the seal of the house. Here in Thailand, where many people live near the sea, resistance to humidity and salt air is a major consideration.