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While high quality uPVC windows and doors are durable, we have to address that low quality uPVC windows or doors are not.
Fire - uPVC is self-extinguishing - it will not catch fire and will not allow fire to spread. Profiles are manufactured under DIN 18 830 standard.
Noise Reduction - the double-seal system in uPVC windows and doors combined with insulating glass greatly reduces noise down to 1/8 of the original noise level (33-43dB).
Salt Water - Seawater and spray have no effect on uPVC Windows and Doors. .
Durability - uPVC windows are designed to last for your property's lifetime. They never need painting and will look as good as new for decades .
uPVC windows are factory manufactured with fusion welded corners and joints which are fully waterproof. ....
Completed Project in white uPVC Windows and Doors.
Completed Project in white uPVC Windows and Doors....
Completed Project in white uPVC Windows and Doors
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What you should consider

...and look out for when purchasing uPVC high-end marked windows or doors!

  1. is the profile made in Europe or China - Chinese profiles are cheaper, and much flimsier, although the overall appearance from the outside is identical?
  2. Is the reinforcing steel strong and fit exactly in the chambers of the uPVC Profile?
  3. What about the fittings? Are they up to the job - again, made in China for that market or for the European market?
  4. Can any glass kind to be fitted into uPVC windows: Clear, tinted, antiusn, reflective, single, double, low-e and so on?
  5. Chinese PVC doors and windows are heavily overpriced if you compare them with the excellent quality of VEKA profile imports which are custom built from imported stock from a highly reputable German company.

How do you recognize a good window profile?